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Computer and internet

To prepare our students to meet the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing world, Centenary SHS has made technology-assisted learning (eLearning) one of our major priorities.
Our students undertake a range of challenging learning experiences that utilise technology, such as video production, coding, robotics, electronics and industrial design. These opportunities will help prepare them for life in the creative, connected workforce of the future.

eLearning also complements the work done in every subject by giving access to new ways of learning. Students can collaborate, communicate, research and study in ways not possible before and with a seamless connection between home and the classroom. For example, through the OneNote learning platform, all students have the ability to communicate seamlessly with their teacher and peers.

Centenary SHS Laptop Program
To realise the full benefits of eLearning, we encourage every family to provide their student with a personal digital device.  The school supports these devices through our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) program allows parents/carers to use an existing family owned device or purchase a new device of their choice that meets the minimum requirements of the school.  This provides parents/carers with a cost effective way of providing digital devices for their student to use.

In 2019, we are making 100% take-up of BYOD in Years 7, 8 and 11 our core priority. There are specific reasons for targeting these year levels:  
  • In Year 7, we work in partnership with our local primary schools to embed ICT skills into the transition to high school
  • In Year 8 we will continue to build on the success these students had in 2018
  • In Year 11 a device for each student will be an invaluable asset as they prepare for the new senior schooling system
Students in Years 9, 10 and 12 are also encouraged to participate and will be given a range of eLearning opportunities from their teachers.
We expect students in the BYOD program to: 
  • bring their device to school each day
  • ensure that it is fully charged and ready to last all day
  • have the appropriate software to meet the requirements of the subjects that they intend to study
Connecting your child's device to the Centenary SHS BYOD network
Connecting your device to our BYOD network allows access to our Wi-Fi, and our local network of printers and network drives.

Prior to connecting, all families are required to pay a School Technology levy of $70, which has been endorsed by the P&C.  

While it is possible for students join their device to our BYOD system on their own, it is expected most students will get help with this process either in class or by bringing their device to the IT help desk.

Before connection can take place all devices must have: 

  • fully licenced, active antivirus running. Windows Defender is an antivirus program that is freely available and preinstalled on all Windows 10 devices 
  • the ability to install new software (i.e. full administrator privileges on the part of the student)
  • Microsoft Family restrictions temporarily disabled
  • 5Ghz Wireless Network compatibility (this is normally advertised as 802.11a, 802.11n or 802.11ac)
See the Parent Booklet Junior School or Senior School for detailed information about preparing your child’s device for our BYOD system.
Recommended devices
We highly recommend Windows 10 laptops, designed for schools or workplaces, for all year levels and require it for Years 9 to 12.

While tablet devices such as iPads are excellent companion devices, they may not be suitable for all tasks that will be required as students progress through high school. The school also believes that the advantages of a common Windows platform outweigh any benefits Apple Mac OSX or iOS Operating Systems may have.

If you already have an iPad from Primary School, you are able to bring the device for use here at Centenary SHS, however we would recommend that you purchase a keyboard to aid in typing documents and taking notes. When it comes time to replace/upgrade your iPad, we recommend that you purchase a Windows laptop instead.
The school has arranged a purchasing portal with HP and Datacom which has recommended devices listed. Parents/Carers have the option to purchase a device through this portal or devices can be purchased from other sources. Follow the link for more information about BYOD specifications.
If you are unable to provide a device for your child, we have an equity and day loan scheme for families that require assistance. For more information, please contact
Free Software for Education Queensland students
MS Office

All students can freely download MS Office 365 for use on their personal devices. 

Adobe Creative Cloud
Students are eligible to download Adobe CC.  This can be done by speaking to your Media Teacher or IT Staff.
If software that is part of the Master Collection CC Apps (i.e. Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.) is required, an annual license upgrade fee of $25 is payable to the office prior to your license being authorised. 
Students may also be required to install other various software appropriate to their curriculum needs.