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Centenary SHS Laptop Program

Students are able to participate in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program from Years 7 to 12. All students are required to pay the School Technology levy of $70, endorsed by the P&C.

Students are expected to bring their device to school each day and ensure that it is fully charged and ready to last all day.

Students are able to bring almost any device as part of the BYOD program. Centenary SHS does however highly recommend a Windows device for easier interoperability with the school’s systems. This becomes more necessary in the higher year levels where specialist software does require a Windows operating system.

Tablet devices such as iPads or Android are not recommended as a main device, but instead can be used as a companion device. If you already have an iPad from Primary School, you are able to bring the device for use here at Centenary SHS, however we would recommend that you purchase a keyboard to aide in typing documents and taking notes. When it comes time to replacing / upgrading your iPad, we’d recommend that you purchase a windows laptop instead.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) scheme allows parents/carers to use an existing family owned device or purchase a new device of their choice that meets the minimum requirements of the school.  This provides parents/carers with a cost effective way of providing digital devices for their student to use. The BYOD concept recognises that students and their parents/carers would like to use the same digital devices at school and at home. The student will be required to have the appropriate software to meet the requirements of the subjects that they intend to study.

  Centenary SHS believes that, while tablet devices such as iPads are excellent companion devices, they may not be suitable for all tasks that will be required as students’ progress through the school.  The School also believes that the advantages of a common platform outweigh any benefits individual Operating Systems may have, therefore we highly recommend Windows for all year levels and require it for Years 9 to 12. Access to the BYOD network is available to all students once the Technology Levy is paid.

NB - All devices must have fully licenced, active antivirus running in order to be able to connect to the BYOD network. Windows Defender is an antivirus program that is freely available and preinstalled on all Windows10 devices.

The school has arranged a purchasing portal which has appropriate devices listed. Parents/Carers have the option to purchase a device through this portal or devices can be purchased from other sources.   

Follow the link for more information about BYOD specifications, software requirements and the purchasing portal.



All students can freely download MS Office 365 for use on their personal devices.

Students in the current school programs (not BYOD) are entitled to have the full Adobe CC package installed onto their existing school laptops by the IT Staff in BT08. The cost is included in the laptop program fees.

BYOD students requiring Adobe CC are entitled to download the package as a trial version.  Once this trial version is downloaded all BYOD devices must be brought to the IT Staff in BT08, before the 30 day trial period expires, in order for the license key to be applied.  If software is required that is part of the Master Collection CC Apps (i.e. Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.), an annual license upgrade fee of $25 is payable to the office prior to your license being authorised.

Students may also be required to install other various software appropriate to their curriculum needs.