Student Resource Scheme


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To enhance and maximise student learning, Centenary State High School operates a Student Resource Scheme. The purpose of the Scheme is to provide parents/carers with a cost effective scheme for the use of curriculum textbooks, resources, consumables and other essential materials for student use.  The Scheme is endorsed annually by the P&C Association and is approved by Education Queensland. 

Apart from providing a cost effective alternative, the Student Resource Scheme eliminates the need for large and ongoing purchases throughout the school year. It is also an equitable scheme, ensuring all students have the resources necessary for their education. Textbooks, class notes (handouts), and a variety of consumables will be provided as needed. Some texts will be issued on a yearly basis, while others for a term, a week or even for use for an individual lesson, avoiding the need for students to take texts home unnecessarily. 

The parent/carer contribution for 2022 is set at:

  • New enrolments will be invoiced $280 on enrolment and payment is required at this time (this includes an early bird discount of $20)
  • Currently enrolled students will be invoiced $300 for 2022 and an early bird discount of $20 will be applied if paid by the early date (to be advised)
  • Curriculum Charges will be invoiced in February of each year. In some subjects, student invoices will be emailed throughout the year, which will align with their timetables
  • Excursion, camps and extra-curricula activities will be invoiced as required with payment by a due date

All fees and charges should be finalised by 31 July of each year, for those who do not wish to pay before the discount date.

The school receives on behalf of parents/carers, a textbook allowance from Education Queensland. The 2022 allowance is $130 per year for students in Years 7 - 10 and $281 for those in Years 11 and 12.  For current rates refer to 

In addition to the SRS, additional charges may include:

  • Curriculum Charges - These fees are an additional charge for some specific areas of study which require extra, intensive resourcing.  These can occur across core subjects and extra-curricula subjects like the STudent Enrichment Program (STEP) and Home Group (HG).  These charges cover activities and resources outside of the SRS and may include academic competitions, incursions, on-line learning, subscriptions and registration fees.  Many extension and senior students undertake TAFE, university and certificate courses which incur significant charges from external organisations.
  • Sport, excursions and camps - These will be invoiced as required and should be paid in full by a given date or may be added to payment plans if requested.
  • Non-curriculum related activities - These may include the Semi-Formal, Senior Jersey, Formal and Mystery Tour, etc.
  • Consumables not provided - A list of individual/personal requirements can be located on the school website or by contacting the school.

For further details, please refer to the Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement (PDF, 225KB) document. 

Last reviewed 30 May 2022
Last updated 30 May 2022