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Student Resource Scheme

To enhance and maximise student learning Centenary State High School operates a Student Resource Scheme. The purpose of the Scheme is to provide parents/carers with a cost effective scheme for the use of curriculum textbooks, resources, consumables and other essential materials for student use.  The Scheme is endorsed annually by the P&C Association and is approved by Education Queensland.

Apart from providing a cost effective alternative, the Student Resource Scheme eliminates the need for large and ongoing purchases throughout the school year. It is also an equitable scheme, ensuring all students have the resources necessary for their education. Textbooks, class notes (handouts), and a variety of consumables will be provided as needed. Some texts will be issued on a yearly basis, while others for a term, a week or even for use for an individual lesson, avoiding the need for students to take texts home unnecessarily.

The parent/carer contribution for 2019 for Years 7-12 has been set at $250 per student.  In addition to this fee from parents/carers, the school receives on behalf of parents/carers, a textbook allowance from Education Queensland. The 2019 allowance is $127 per year for students in Years 7-10 and $276 for those in Years 11 and 12.  For current rates refer to

Benefits of the Scheme
The scheme ensures that students have consistent personal resources for their education, and saves the parent/carer time and money in sourcing the prescribed materials elsewhere.


The scheme is not used to raise funds for other purposes, and revenue collected through the scheme is applied only to the operation of the scheme.
Participation in the Scheme

Participation in the scheme is voluntary, and there is no obligation on a parent/carer to participate in the scheme. A parent’s/carer’s decision to participate or not is based on consideration of the value afforded to them by the scheme.

The completed and signed Participation Agreement Form should be returned to the school by the advertised date to indicate participation or non-participation in the scheme.
If a parent/carer chooses to participate in the scheme and completes the Participation Agreement Form, a fee will be due and payable by the parent/carer for the items provided by the scheme to the student.
Payment of the participation fee is a requirement for continued participation in the scheme. An unpaid fee will be subject to the school’s debt collection processes.
A parent/carer who chooses not to participate in the scheme is responsible for providing the student with all items that would otherwise be provided to the student by the scheme as detailed on the Year Level Requirement List and or Curriculum Requirements List, to enable the student to engage with the curriculum.
For further details, please refer to the 2019 Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement (PDF, 154KB) document.