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Year 10 Excel Excursion

Excel Students visit the museum
Year10 Excel students visit the Museum

​by Elise

Why maths? Before last Friday I never would have considered a career in maths, thinking that I could only be a mathematician or teacher. When would simultaneous equations or binomial expansion ever be useful in the real word? I couldn’t have been more wrong. The day began early with a bus leaving from the school at 8:00 am as 20 sleepy-eyed maths excel students and of course their amazing teachers set out for QUT. The campus was, in the simplest of terms, awesome. After wandering round in search for P block (which looked exactly the same as H block, Q block, C block and G block) we were escorted to a seminar room that looked like something from the Men In Black headquarters. There, with another 67 students from other schools, we listened to presenters that showed us that maths isn’t just a career, it’s THE career. The presentation included a speaker who processed water waves and signals just from the sound and movement of a duck. Next was a statistician with algorithms to determine who the best cricket player is. A speaker who is truly making a difference in the world is Dr Susan Cramb who, after years of finding her passion, accomplished amazing work identifying cancer patterns across Australia. There is even maths in the coffee roasting industry and the patterns of animal fur! And if that wasn’t enough to convince us of the endless opportunities in a STEM career, you can even be employed to be the translator between mathematicians and businesses! To take off the pressure, we listened to a STEM student at QUT who showed that you don’t need to choose who you want to be now, you only need to find your passion and follow it because is there really anything better than being paid for something you love? From thinking about the future, we then spent some time thinking about the past. The NASA – A Human Adventure exhibit at the Queensland museum was undeniably breathtaking. Looking at the genius mathematicians of the past who made history and shaped the future, seeing objects that have actually been in space. Mind blowing! Sadly, there came a time where we students had to go back on the bus however, I’m confident we all left with our minds open to the endless opportunities ahead of us.