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New Chinese Language Assistant

We would like to welcome to our staff Le Miao (Liya) from North East China. Li Miao is our new Chinese language assistant who will be spending time in our classes assisting the students with their pronunciation and their writing skills.

Deploying native speakers in the Chinese language classroom is tremendously beneficial. Students must be very precise in the way that they produce the four tones when speaking Mandarin otherwise they could a say word with an entirely different meaning from to the one they intended to use. Li Miao will be working alongside our students to ensure they use the tones accurately.

Li Miao will also bring her knowledge of contemporary China into the classroom. Here is Li Miao's description of her recent teaching experience in China and her first month in Brisbane:

“I am Liya, a Chinese language assistant. I was a program coordinator in a non-profit company in Shanghai. With the development of China, more and more foreigners visit there and start to learn our language. My task was to provide a simple orientation and introduce very basic situations to the volunteers from different countries which included eating, drinking, traffic rules, security notes, and education, etc. Sometimes I was a tour guide as well. I accompanied foreigners visiting the landmarks of Shanghai, such as the Bund, the Chenghuang Temple, the Shanghai Museum and so on. And the SLAP is a project of our company. I thought it was quite meaningful, and then I applied for it. After about five months expectation, finally I arrived in Australia.    
I have been staying in Australia for almost one month. It is my first time to go abroad. Australia is a really nice country and people here are very friendly. I still remembered the first day I came to school and walked around; some teachers asked me if I needed help to find the classroom.
I am also so impressed with the students’ Chinese level. All of them already know how to use the Pinyin. They are very interested in Chinese culture. When I talk with them, they always ask me many questions about China. I am so appreciative that I have a chance to communicate with these lovely students and share our Chinese culture with them.”

Welcome to Centenary SHS Liya!