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Art Gallery Excursion

Art Gallery Review by Jadi Nash and Sophie Farrow

The Year 11 and Year 12 Senior Art classes had the pleasure of visiting the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Art Gallery. The major exhibition in both galleries was the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT8). Since 1993, the APT series has drawn by more than 2.2 million visitors with its unique mix of visual spectacle and cross-cultural insight.

Have you ever wanted to visit the beautiful countries of Asia and the Pacific? APT8 allows you to experience the beauty and dynamic perspectives of these regions all in the one building. You immediately step into another snapshot of the world. It is one of the world’s largest exhibitions of new art from Australia, Asia and the Pacific, with works by more than 80 artists from over 30 countries reflecting the creative diversity of the region.

An amazing example of the artwork that we saw was Nicolas Molé’s ‘Ils Vous Regardent’ (They Look at You). Molé’s multimedia installation projected the rainforest, people and cultural representations onto all four walls to represent his cultural identity of the Kanak people. His artwork was a part of a much larger project created by Yumi Danis, called “We Dance”, to honour cultural identity. Molé used this artwork to preserve the legends of Papua and Tabu Islands (Solomon Islands) in a form of dance. The trees that engulfed the audience symbolised the stories from their region. In his installation, Molé wanted the audience to experience a journey into the ring of fire where reality mingles with dreams, which he successfully achieved amongst the cohort on the excursion.

Overall, the excursion provided amazing exposure to other cultures and took us on a journey through the magical world of Art. We all truly enjoyed being able to visit GOMA and experience the APT8 exhibition.